Things to consider after your higher education?

April 22, 2010

Education  is nothing but the process in which the accumulated knowledge, skills and values are transmitted from one to another, or we can say from one generation to another. Education plays a vital role in an individuals life. Not only gives knowledge but it moulds ones life by attitude, power and gives self recognition.

Now, young students who have just completed their secondary education and want to prove themself in this competitive world, are in dilemma of choosing the course after their secondary education.

As you all know tertiary education is the most important, though secondary education just paves the way. So students should be very careful in choosing the course and the right place.  I have listed below the top ranked colleges in Tamilnadu and their specialization courses.

PSG College Of technology :

PSG College is one of the world’s best engineering college that was established on 1951.

Highlighted Course : Mechanical Engg (Sandwich)

Madras Medical College :

Madras medical college is the no.1 medical college in tamilnadu. It was started on 1835.

DR.G.R.Damodaran College Of Science :

GRD College, one of the leading arts and science college, established on 1988 affiliated to bharathiar university.

Highlighted Course : B.Sc Visual Communication

Asian College of Journalism :

Asian college of journalism, a leading college in the field of journalism established on 1994

Highlighted Course : M.A Journalism

Agricultural College And Research Institute :

Agricultural college is located in coimbatore, an educational centre. This is one of the oldest Institute in Agriculture Education in India was originally started in 1868 at Saidapet, Madras and later established at Coimbatore in 1906

Highlighted Course : B.Tech.(Biotechnology)

Air Force Administrative College :

The Air Force Administrative College is one of the oldest and most prestigious training institutions of the Indian Air Force which is located at coimbatore.

Courses Offered :

In-Service training courses for officers

Ab-initio training courses

List of Top 10 Engineering Colleges in Coimbatore

April 22, 2010

Engineering is nothing but the application of scientific and mathematical principles to practical ends. Now a days engineering has got a very high scope that too India have reached milestone in engineering. Students from abroad prefer India to other countries for their higher studies not just because they are cost effective but the real factor is quality. Students prefer engineering rather than arts and science studies, because they hope that engineering might lightens their future.

Everything depends on the way students choose the colleges. To make their task easier, here I have listed the top 10 engineering colleges in coimbatore, a southern part of India also an educational hub of India. I have spent long time in collecting this list and these colleges are ranked according to their infrastructure, placement opportunities, quality and the history of that organization. Following are the college rankings and their details :

  1. PSG College of Technology
  2. Amrita Institute of Technology
  3. Government College of Technology
  4. Coimbatore Institute of Technology
  5. Kumaraguru College of Technology
  6. Sri Krishna College Of Engineering And Technology
  7. Dr. Mahalingam College Of Engineering And Technology
  8. Hindusthan College Of Engineering & Technology
  9. Karpagam College of Engineering
  10. Maharaja Engineering College

I am sure that these rankings would help the students and will guide their future in the right path.

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April 22, 2010

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